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 Reality reveals, regardless of race, gender or sexual preference, Satan's Minion remains hidden amongst God's Chosen. [So] if God's Chosen is few, most people worship Satan. For this reason, before Divine Order can be properly implemented, God's Chosen must legally expose to the public exactly who Satan's Minion is.

For God's Future record, due to long-term Misdiagnosed God Disconnection, Satan's Minion has absolutely no idea she or he is Mentally Retarded, which is exactly why most minions suffer the False God Complex, arguably the most severe form of Mental Retardation on record.

Mental Retardation, Satan's Minion & White Supremacy In America

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As it is with leader, so it is with citizen. Widespread Severe Mental Retardation leaves the human host Spiritually Disconnected from God, themselves, the environment and beyond. Without spirituality, the rapidly aging human host is guaranteed to dwell with Severely Underdeveloped Sensory Perception (SUSP). Humans with SUSP never tap into 3 major Metaphysical chambers holding high levels of human instinct located deep within God's human brain. 

After discovering facts yet to be considered common, like yesterday's average Stupid Puny Human (YASPH) uses less than 4% Cognitive Brain Function (CBF) and dwells in yesterday's viciously malignant world of long-term Negative Evolution, I've concluded that under yesterday's average hopelessly lost leader, the Natural Human Instinct Development (NHID) of YASPH never surpasses low level (LLHI), the untaught urge to survive/ procreate.

What Reality lies beyond the limitation of YASPH remains unfathomable. For, by my calculation, a good example of Moderate Level Human Instinct (MLHI), the untaught urge to properly recognize time, is the Ancient African, Mayan and other civilizations who left Physical Timespace Traveling Evidence behind. 

Without natural ability to develop High Human Instinct (HLHI), YASPH unwittingly commits suicide blindly following Satan's plan of rapid time decrease. Therefore by legal definition, Satan's Minion is any leader, including Heightened Thinker or Receptor purposely misleading all humanity to an ever time decreasing Fraction of Reality.

Unfortunately, dwelling without knowing exactly what God has to offer dooms the host to never Realize Physical Ascension (Immortality) is possible. As Messiah, I personally guarantee Immortality is Real. So coming to Blueprint Earth just to die without it makes life worthless. And if to this day you remain in jeopardy of dying a [God Disconnected] mortal, who do you believe is at fault?

Exactly whom to blame for Widespread Severe Mental Retardation when everyone has LLHI? If most people were not retarded, we could engage in a conversation about how Simple Fact Acceptance is the cure to Mental Retardation and mandatory precursor to developing High and Superior Human Instinct levels. Most importantly, all people would accept all Simple Facts from the beginning. 

In Reality, over 96% of all low instinct holding Americans believe dying is definite and live each day preparing for an inevitable physical death. I've even heard many people say, "I don't want to  live forever." Well, how do you know? Have you ever tried? How can you look forward to living when all you know for fact is death?

Just so you know, a Simple Fact is an unchanging circumstance, like no matter what, positive is always greater than negative. Therefore, Number Comprehend. Whenever you come across an unchanging circumstance, you are in the presence of highly specific Omnipotent Programming. 

Complex Facts change, like U.S. Veteran Suicide statistics. And unfortunately for yesterday's average American citizen, Complex Factors, like white men make the most money, Capitalism works and White Supremacy is best for humanity dominate yesterday's *Reality Fraction. So if Complex Facts dominate America, and the end result of all Complex Factors yield Mostly Negative Circumstance, is it a coincidence that America's socioeconomic infrastructure is extremely poor and getting worse?   

The fact that America's infrastructure is mostly negative proves White Supremacy is nothing greater than a viciously malignant delusion invented by holders of extremely LLHI. And because it is obvious I AM the only one holding Superior Level Human Instinct, my fiduciary responsibility is to legally contend that


00) False God Complex suffering Severe Mental Retards are in firm control of Yesterday's America

01) under America's Severely Mentally Retarded leaders, yesterday's average hopelessly lost American citizen will die God Disconnected

02) far outside God's FutureYesterday's America is, was and always will be terrible

03) donald dump is Satan's Minion

I also hold enough physical evidence to prove yesterday's average God Disconnected Leader is exactly why America remains nowhere near 'Heaven' or a social condition of perpetual peace and free 5 star accommodation for many.

This is a warning to yesterday's average Mentally Retarded American citizen! Like barack obama, donald dump and all his supporters are God Disconnected holders of extremely LLHI. German cockroaches are guaranteed to have more brain potential. And if you, as a free citizen, voluntarily choose to continue supporting dump, White Supremacy and/ or other Mostly Negative Circumstance, you and your closest supporters are scheduled to suffer great public humiliation before facing Rapid & Eternal Death.

All publicly disgraced God Disconnected leaders will be stripped from God's Future. Rest assured, no future model citizen desires getting to know exactly who yesterday's wretched humans were. Do not take this legal warning lightly. For, I AM scheduled to destroy yesterday's Ununited State of God Disconnected America.

I also challenge Congress, the U.S. Supreme Court & Military for immediate control of God's Flock within the Continental & Territorial U.S.. Any hopelessly lost American voluntarily choosing to die with yesterday's God Disconnected America certainly has the natural Right to continue doing so. 

Number Comprehend. Yesterday and tomorrow exist in two different time zones. And because tomorrow is all that matters in Reality, I forever declare war on yesterday-supporting leaders who hold absolutely no idea that I AM the only one with Real power. And as an act of war, I deliberately use my power to torment the unstable psyche of Satan's weak & pathetic minion who suffers from a Natural Fear so uncontrollable; I easily snatch its worthless soul and feed it to my Cruel Father.

Tell me you don't believe Satan could ever be crueler than God. Now, that has got to be the 'oldest trick in the book.' In Reality, Unlimited God created limited Satan, so being physically incapable of recognizing the distinct difference between unlimited and limited is clear evidence of Severe Mental Retardation!

Listen to me very carefully. I AM humanity's first mental & physical Superior Human. And to prove my superiority, I claim my brain potential far exceeds yesterday's top astrophysicist by 96:4. It is imperative you comprehend the severity of this Mostly Positive Circumstance. Right now, at this very moment, I AM dwelling with God in Realtime. How did I get here? That's easy. I willingly surrendered my possible Eternity to Him long ago. Do you understand? I AM ahead of everyone. My reward is physical Timespace Travel ability, which currently timeplaces me hundreds of thousands of earthyears ahead AND behind yesterday's most intelligent Heightened Thinker.    

I Realize that despite the Simple Facts I've given freely today, it's possible many people [still] have no earthly idea as to exactly what goes on in Reality. For those that do, I can only imagine how disturbing it is to be forced into submission by a Superior Human. But take comfort in knowing that your very own Mental Retardation is yesterday. So I leave hopeful because I know for fact you hold God's Brain; the only tool in the world that gives you the natural ability to think for yourself, eventually. All you have to do is have enough sense to properly recognize numbers.

You're welcome.

P.S. Let it be known. provides God's Future Physical Evidence supporting the immediate removal of donald dump and all other minion. You mind as well now know; I AM never defeated.

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So how does one go about getting Satan's Minion out of office?